What to Look for in Naples Condos That Are for Sale

Many long to own a Naples condo and few make it a reality. If you’re about to make your dreams come true, here’s what to look for in the Naples condos that are for sale and a couple of questions to ask yourself. 

How are the appliances?

When looking at the Naples condos that are for sale, pay close attention to the appliances. The newer, the better. The state the appliances are in in the condos you look at are going to be a good tell for how much work will need to be done, so keep a close eye on them.

Covina Balcony | Quattro at Naples Square

Am I looking for new or old construction?

Southwest Florida is rapidly growing and developing. Condominium communities pop up in the area daily. It’s important to ask yourself if you’re looking for new or old construction when looking at the Naples condos that are for sale.

There are benefits to both, however, many opt for new construction for a number of reasons. For one, you’re the first person to live there so you’re not inheriting any previous owners’ problems. New construction condos tend to have better, more modern floor plans, better hurricane protection and upgraded appliances. In addition, a lot of new construction condos find themselves in fabulous neighborhoods near fun areas of Naples.

What about my pets?

If you have pets, chances are they’ll be moving in with you to your new Naples condo. If you’re moving from a residential area to a condo in Florida, some have restrictions on the size and number of pets you can own. Some do not allow pets at all. Be sure to check that the Naples condos you’re looking at are pet-friendly, so no one gets left behind.

What do I like to do?

Consider your hobbies, lifestyle and when you have the most fun. The location of your condo should play into all these things so you can live your best life. Being just over 16 square miles, a lot of fun is packed into Naples, and your condo here should be in a location that allows you to indulge in all the things you love. Whether it be spending time at the beach, dining at upscale restaurants, shopping at the many fabulous boutiques, golfing or all of the above, if your condo is to be your happy place, pick a location that will allow you to be your happiest.

After asking yourself all the above questions and vetting the Naples condos for sale, we hope you find one that’s the full package. To make it easier on yourself, start by looking at Quattro at Naples Square. We’re sure your search will end here.

Located in the heart of Downtown Naples, Florida, you’re intimately close to what you love most. Fun on 5th Avenue South is literally around the corner. The boat slips and bistros at Bayfront are just across the street. A day at the beach is an easy bike ride away. Quattro at Naples Square is also new construction, pet-friendly with a premier location and high-end appliances. For more information visit NaplesSquare.com.