Socially Distanced Activities Around Your Naples Condo

Quarantining at home and practicing social distancing has been a common theme for nearly a year now, and if you are anything like the average person, you are running out of things to do. If you are lucky enough to be able to socially distance yourself in your Naples condo, you’re in luck. Many people are actually wishing they were in your shoes, being “stuck“ inside in Florida. Here are some socially distanced activities to do around your Naples Condo.

Get takeout

Although social distancing may put a damper on your night life, you still can order out from your favorite Naples restaurants. Fifth Avenue South, usually known for its shopping, dining and nightlife, has catered to the social distancing guidelines by offering take-out dining for many of its restaurants. Now you can enjoy the delicious 5th Ave. experience from the comfort and safety of your Naples condo.

Quattro at Naples Square is a community of Naples condos located next door to Fifth Avenue, which means delivery will cost next-to-nothing and carry-out is just a stroll away. And if you are “cooking” for another, we won’t tell if you order in and claim it as your own!

Naples FL Beach

Let the dog out

Because social distancing is the new norm, many people have contemplating adopting a pet to join them at home to keep them company. In fact, a new study conducted by TD Ameritrade revealed that 33% of Americans have contemplated adopting a pet in the past year. According to PetPoint data, there was a 102% increase in adoptions and foster care for animals adopted from March to May of last year.

Everyone needs to get out of the house every now and then, even your furry best friend. A fantastic activity you can do around your Naples condo is to take a trip to the dog park and enjoy socially distanced exercise while soaking up the sun with your four-legged pal!

Naples is home to assorted dog parks and even a dog beach. You can take a trip to Naples Dog Park, Rover Run or Golden Gate Paws Park. When the tide is low, Bonita Beach Dog Park is just a short drive from Naples and is a great place to but your toes and paws in the sand. The dog beach is equipped with canine showers, free parking and bathrooms so that you can enjoy the beach without any of the mess.

In addition to its close proximity to these fun social distancing endeavors you can tackle with your pup, Quattro is also a pet-friendly community, making it the perfect Naples condo for you both.

Naples FL Beach

Enjoy the sunshine

There is a reason that we call Florida the Sunshine State. All year round, you can take advantage of the great Naples weather by taking a socially distanced walk. According to InbodyUSA, a 30-minute walk can burn anywhere between 100-200 calories depending on body type and speed. So, don’t forget to get those steps in while social distancing in your Naples condo.

Discover a new beach access on Vanderbilt Beach Road or create your own path underneath the artistic Banyan trees that surround many of Naples’ walkways. Quattro at Naples Square is only a short drive away from beautiful Florida landscapes that will allow you to take a socially distanced walk, run or hike at your leisure. Head to Crew Bird Rookery, Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary or Gordon River Greenway to enjoy the Florida sun.

Take advantage of Quattro’s amenities

In the past year, we have reinvented what it is like to stay at home. Some people have developed new hobbies such as cooking, baking, painting or just binge-watching Netflix shows. In your Naples condo, you can do that, plus more, by taking advantage of all of the amenities your community has to offer.

At Quattro, you can enjoy a relaxing day at the pool by laying out under the sun in a comfy cabana chair. Spend some time in our owner’s club room equipped with billiards, a bar and TVs to never miss Sunday’s game. Staying at home in your Naples condo, can be just the same as taking a vacation… everyday is a day spent in paradise! For more information, visit