Reasons to Buy a Boutique Condo in Southwest Florida

Searching for a new condo in Southwest Florida is truly a privilege in and of itself. Not only does it offer you an opportunity to soak up the Florida sunshine all year long, but it also presents a new way of life for those moving toward retirement, a seasonal vacation spot, or simply a new chapter of their life.

In a post-pandemic world, buyers are giving special attention to properties that offer more secluded and private settings, moving away from overly dense condominiums and into boutique condos. Here are some reasons to purchase a boutique condo in Southwest Florida.  

What are Boutique Condominiums?

A boutique condominium is defined as a residential structure that is smaller in size, yet luxurious in design and features. Many are created for those looking to downsize without sacrificing or for a luxurious vacation home. Boutique condos are often low-rise structures with less than 100 units so that residents can enjoy privacy, as well as easy access.

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Location / Proximity

When it comes to boutique condos, you are buying more than just a condominium, you’re investing in a way of life. This type of residential property is a reflection of the city you’re living in. On the doorstep of many boutique condominiums, you’ll have access to elegant shops, romantic dining and a plethora of nightlife activities.


Another major benefit of purchasing a boutique condo is the accessibility to your property. Not only is it much easier go to and from a boutique condo, rather than a high-rise property or large community, but the actual move will be likely easier as well. A boutique condo brings a life of ease, privacy, and relaxation right to your doorstep.  

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One more benefit to purchasing a boutique condominium is the amenities. Buyers are looking for real estate packages that come with resort-style features in close proximity to their front door. This way, they can seclude themselves yet enjoy all of what their boutique condominium has to offer.

Boutique condominiums’ amenities have virtually no maintenance unlike a single-family home.

When looking at boutique condos in Southwest Florida, look no further than Quattro at Naples Square. With amenities from the owners’ club room, to the professionally designed fitness center with state-of-the-art strength and cardio equipment, to the lovely pool area, Quattro at Naples Square is truly one-of-a-kind.

Quattro is the fourth and final building at Naples Square, a walkable/bikeable community being developed by the Ronto Group at 5th Avenue South and Goodlette-Frank Road in downtown Naples. Its luxuriously designed exterior is accompanied by marvelous open-concept floor plans.

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