Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Condo in Naples, FL

Purchasing a condo in Naples, FL is a no brainer for many reasons. Before doing so, however, there are a number of important questions you’re going to want to ask. Here are four questions we recommend asking before purchasing a Naples, FL condo.

1) What are your community amenities?

Many consider the location of Naples an amenity in and of itself. However, your condo should offer you more than that. Be sure to ask and check out the amenities for yourself before purchasing. Is there a resort-style pool? How is the clubhouse? Is there a state-of-the-art fitness and recreation center?

Fifth Ave Naples, FL

2) What’s the neighborhood like?

Naples is a big city. There are many different areas you might find yourself in. Before purchasing a Naples, FL condo, ask about the surrounding neighborhood and ask yourself how it relates to what you like to do in your spare time. Are you close to the beach, local parks, dining and shopping destinations like 5th Avenue and Third Street South or ideally all of the above? Figuring out what kind of neighborhood you would like to live in will help you decide where to purchase your condo.

3) What are the condo fees and what do they cover?

When purchasing a condo in Florida, oftentimes there is a concern over condo fees or homeowner association fees. If you’ve never had to pay HOA fees in the past, you may worry that you are paying more than your fair share for services you are not going to use. The reality is that condo fees are spread evenly over the entire population of a project and can actually save homeowners money. For instance, Florida homeowners need flood and windstorm insurance as part of their overall insurance portfolio and that can cost several thousands of dollars per year, especially if the house is close to water.  These fees are covered in the HOA fees. HOAs relieve the stress associated with the home maintenance of a single-family home while often providing cheaper rates as they relate to such items as landscaping, cable, insurance, telephone and other utilities that are included in your monthly HOA fee.

But still, it’s important to have an understanding of what the fees cover and how much they are before making a purchase so you’re not spending more than you planned.

4) How is the parking?

After purchasing a condo in beautiful Naples, FL, friends and family are surely going to want to visit and see your new space. In addition to your condo having adequate guest parking for visitors, you’re going to want to ensure that it provides convenient parking for both you and your guests.

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