Luxury Condo Design Trends for 2020

The most discerning homebuyers have been entering the condo market and with great force in recent months. Always on the lookout for the finest life has to offer, this also holds true for real estate purchases. Here are the top five luxury condo trends you’ll see popping up in new construction condominiums in 2020.

Open floor plans

Open concept floor plans are huge for new construction luxury condos for 2020 and have been for several years. Buyers who have downsized demand larger, more open spaces to accommodate themselves, as well as the guests who visit them. These open floor plans also make the best use of natural light, a must for Florida sunseekers.

Open Concept Living | Naples Square

Unfitted kitchens

Unfitted kitchens, or kitchens with furniture-like islands and shelves, are popular again in 2020. For those looking to purchase a new luxury condominium, this is an exciting development. Elissa Morgante, co-principal of Morgante Wilson Architects in Chicago, explains, “The extra square footage will be devoted to features such as expansive banquettes, oversized islands and bar seating, rather than to work space, as in previous years.” Meaning, luxury condo kitchens in 2020 are intended for entertaining and to be the center of attention. A brand-new luxury condominium is something you should be proud of. With these design-forward unfitted kitchens, you will surely have no problems doing just that.

Smart home features

Today’s new luxury condos are designed to make life as uncomplicated as possible. When the world is practically at our fingertips with today’s technology, our homes should be equally accessible. That’s why many luxury condos have begun to utilize smart home features in their designs and planning. Whether it be designing flexible spaces in floor plans that could serve as a den or home office or equipping the entire living area with smart home technology, today’s builders know what sells and they’re making sure your luxury condo has it all.

Luxurious Bathroom | Naples Square

Contemporary bathrooms

To effectively use the oftentimes-limited space of a condominium, luxury condos are incorporating contemporary bathroom design into their new spaces. No-threshold showers and free-standing destination tubs are making an appearance in these luxury homes to embrace the popular open-concept floor plans that so many new luxury condominiums have, thereby making the space feel more open. Luxury homeowners should never feel boxed in nor limited.

Wine refrigerators and storage

Luxury condo owners often have a certain affinity that gives them a refined taste which translates perfectly to how they enjoy their libations. For perfect wine storage, many new luxury condos are adding wine refrigerators and storage to the residences. Such storage may either be free-standing or built into the kitchen cabinetry or islands for added convenience. 

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