How to Make a Dog-Friendly Community Feel Like Home for You and Your Pup

Moving is stressful for humans, but equally stressful for our furry four-legged friends. If you’ve recently moved to a dog-friendly community, here’s how to make it feel like home for you and your pup.

Dog Friendly Condo Community in Naples FL

Keep a routine, even if it’s difficult

After moving to a new home, keeping your routine can be hard. Between movers, setting up your new space and wanting to explore the area around you, it’s easy to get sidetracked and lost in the excitement of it all.

However, for a creature of habit like your dog, the routine of when they eat breakfast, go for their walks, etc. is how they navigate life and get a sense of their day. With big changes like a move, it’s important to stick to their routine such as afternoon walks. The more you stick to your dog’s routine when you’re settling in, the more they will be able to adjust to all of the changes happening around them.

Set up your pup’s space right away

After you’ve moved into your new home, set up your pup’s space right away. It doesn’t have to be a permanent location, but adding your dog’s bed, some toys and a bowl of fresh water to a room will give them familiar smells and provide them with a sense of home on day one, thereby easing any anxiety.

A tired dog is a good dog

You’ve heard the saying “A tired dog is a good dog,” and this becomes especially true when you’re moving to a new home. Help your dog expend as much energy as possible and it will help keep their anxiety levels low. A trip to a local dog park, a game of fetch or a long walk around your new neighborhood will lead to a tired – and a good – dog.

If you’re looking for a dog-friendly community to call home in Naples, Florida, look no further than Quattro at Naples Square.

Dog Friendly Condo Community in Naples FL

Quattro is The Ronto Group’s newest development in Downtown Naples. After numerous successful projects throughout Southwest Florida, the developer brings its vast real estate expertise to the Fifth Avenue South area.

This new condominium development combines elegant residences with a unique downtown lifestyle. The location affords residents the opportunity to choose between sunbathing on the beach or lounging by the pool and offers walkable weekend opportunities for the young at heart.

Quattro is a unique blend of British West Indies and Coastal Contemporary architectural styles created by the renowned MHK Architecture & Planning. The six open-concept floor plans are perfectly planned to be both breathtaking and functional as you enjoy life in Downtown Naples.

These exclusive condos are limited in inventory as nearly 80% of the project is sold. With spacious residences ranging from 2,000 sq. ft. to over 3,400 sq. ft., each floor plan is elegantly designed to match the luxurious lifestyle of the owner. Priced from $2,650,000 to $3,475,000, Quattro residences offer the largest living spaces in Downtown Naples.

Quattro residents will also enjoy an unending list of amenities including a heated pool and spa, pavilion bar, fire pit, fitness center and club room complete with a bar, terrace, large-screen TVs and billiards room. Staffed with a houseman and concierge services, the Downtown Naples condo development will help you simplify your life so you can live in the moment.

If you are interested in making Quattro Naples Square your new home, visit or call 239-228-5800.