Five Benefits to Buying A New Construction Condo

If you live in a rapidly growing area such as Southwest Florida, chances are you’ve noticed new condominiums popping up throughout the area. If you’re looking for a change but are on the fence about purchasing one of these new construction condos, here are five reasons why you should.

No one has lived there before you

One of the benefits to buying a new construction condo is that no one has lived there before you. That means there’s no damage or repairs from previous owners that are now your problem. Without damage or repairs, you can simply enjoy your brand-new condominium and begin making it your own.

Better floor plans

With new construction condos come better floor plans. The designers and developers are in tune with what is popular and trending in the market, designing plans that reflect today’s tastes and not tomorrow’s.. Floor plans are likely to be open, spacious and not chopped up like many of the older condominiums that may be on the market. Today’s space live the way contemporary homeowners live and make the best use of natural light.

Better hurricane protection

From the ground up, new construction condominiums are built  to code and are in compliance with today’s hurricane-safety requirements. Whether it’s the windows or structure itself, you and your family with be safe in these new buildings as many safety improvements have been made over the last 10-15 years.

Upgraded appliances

With a new condo comes new appliances. Not only are new appliances an upgrade themselves, but the new models tend to be way more user friendly and cost-efficient thanks to new technology. Many new appliances are equipped with smart features such as a sink that turns on with the tap of your finger or the ability to adjust the temperature of your home from your phone. You may get lucky and find an appliance package that includes a built-in wine cooler a standard feature!

Shopping Downtown | Naples Square

New construction condos tend to be in great neighborhoods

The builders and developers of new construction condos have done their research. They understand one of the most important factors when it comes to sales is the project’s location, so prime locations are prime choices for development. Often times they are located next to parks, restaurants, shops, beaches, your city’s downtown area and more. Not only will you love your new construction condo, but you’re going to love its premier location even more.

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