Month: July 2020

Pet Friendly Condos | You and Fido Together Forever

Your life of luxury should be one of great happiness. If that includes having your furry friend by your side, then your new-home purchase should not force you to leave them behind. Here are three reasons to purchase a pet-friendly condo so you and your pooch can live your best lives. 

Pet Friendly Condos | You and Fido Together Forever

1) Owning a pet is proven to improve your wellbeing and health. 

As a pet owner, you immediately feel the love when being greeted by your pet. Owning a pet is likely to lessen feelings of loneliness and decrease blood pressure, stress, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. When there are so many health benefits to owning a pet, you should never sacrifice your wellbeing nor theirs, and purchase a pet-friendly condo. 

2) Pets will help you exercise and get out more often. 

When dogs require walks twice a day, if not more, they require you to get out and exercise. Going out for walks with your pet will help keep you fit and in good shape. Not to mention, they can help you explore the town you live in. Perhaps there’s a new outdoor restaurant that you’ve wanted to try or a park you’ve never been to. With a pet-friendly condo and your pup by your side, you’re never alone on your adventures and the exploration of new places. 

3) Owning a pet can introduce you to new friends.

Pets are a great conversation topic and a great conversation starter. You’re sure to meet lots of people in your pet-friendly condo’s neighborhood. They also make meeting new friends much easier and less intimidating. After chatting for a bit, soon you’re walking your dog with a new friend or even grabbing a cup of coffee in the mornings. With a pet-friendly condo, your pet is sure to be a segue to new friends.

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