Reasons why luxury travelers continue to flock to southwest Florida

From the natural wonders to the creative feats, southwest Florida has something for every luxury traveler.

While a lot of people think of Miami and the Keys as the destinations for a great Florida vacation, the Paradise Coast area of the Sunshine State has become one of the most popular places to visit for luxury travelers. With sandy white beaches, great restaurants and shopping, plenty of museums and parks and, of course, lots of great golf courses, there’s something for everyone who’s looking to relax in refinement. In fact, so many people fall in love with it that they end up deciding to buy a home there, like in the luxurious Naples Square community, which is located in the downtown area of the small-yet-bustling city. With help from The Ronto Group, one of Southern Florida’s top real estate developers, here are all the top reasons to visit – and stay – in Naples and the surrounding areas.

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Dispelling common myths about condo fees

Many people aren’t sure what condo or HOA fees actually pay for.

If you’re in the market for a new home in Florida, you already know about the perks like the great views and warm weather. But then comes the stressful part – figuring out how to get the most out of the money you’re about to spend. There’s a common concern with prospective buyers in the state who see great condos but feel like the associated fees (sometimes called homeowner association fees) are too high and that they’ll just end up paying for perks they don’t need or won’t use.

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